Balloon Snake

Balloon snake is a simple indoor group activity to bond participants, to provide them with an fun and meaningful ice-breaker, or to engage sleepy and inattentive meeting delegates.

Or if you play this as part of a theme dinner or party night, then you will ensure participants have a great laugh.

The facilitator hands out a balloon to each participant and ask them to blow it up, which can already be a challenge for some. Once each participant has blown up their balloon, they must form a straight line and connect with a balloon in between. Any further instruction is up to the facilitator, and each round the challenge will be harder, and the group will finally struggle and the snake will fall apart.

If this activity is played as part of a teamwork skills training workshop, the debriefing is important, providing the participants to have an insight of how their team work, what is possible to achieve and how each and every individual reacts when confronted with failure.

Balloon snake can also be played outdoors.


10 to 30 minutes.

Ideal group size
30 to 250 participants.

This indoor group activity is available year-round.

Target participant
Perfect for corporate groups. This can be an ice breaker for meeting delegates, a party game for corporate groups or an activity as part of a teamwork skills training program. The target audience remains the same.

Physical requirements