Indoor Group Activities in Bangkok

There are many reasons to organize group activities indoors, be it the weather, be it the available time, be it the convenience.

Bangkok is covered in a layer of damping heat most year round, and having your team stumbling around the city may not always be the best option. This is when indoor group activities may be suitable.

Or you organize meetings back to back and have a short time slot available for activities, better don't get stuck in Bangkok traffic. Organize your team building group activities indoors.

Indoors means in a hotel meeting room, conference room or even large office space.

If you organize your group event indoors, you may choose from a breathtaking 38 fun and meaningful team bonding activities.

Group sitting on balloons posing for a selfie at Avani Bangkok Hotel

Balloon Balance is fun and exciting indoor group activity encouraging creativity, problem solving and team spirit.

CSR group activities in Bangkok with kids and adults

Balloon snake is a great ice-breaker activity perfect for large groups.

Participants are jumping during an ice breaker activity in at Bangkok Hilton Hotel

Jump is a fun, humorous and slightly physical ice-breaker activity whereby your group msut following the facilitator's instructions. Participants burst out laughing when making a mistake.

Boomwackers drumming activity in Bangkok

Boomwackers is a rhythm and musical group activity perfect for a party evening or celebration. Participants learn leadership skills and self confidence.

Participants from Nestle Vietnam in action to assemble a puzzle while wearing a blindfold

Blindfold Puzzle is one of the best group activities to develop communication and leadership skills. The group is split into various teams and chosen a leader, and each team must assemble the puzzle by listing to the leaders instruction.

Player in front of a large maze

In Escape Game, your group is caught in a room and must solve the three digit code to break out. Only the smart and witty, the groups who show teamwork and collaboration can solve the cryptic clues.

Team building participant holding a scorpion during the bug eating competition at Avani Bangkok Hotel

Bug eating competition is a hilariously funny group activity whereby participants must roll a dice and eat a selection of mouth-watering and savory insects.

Large group in action during a boomwackers session

In change that tune, one group must come up with a rhythm, and the other with a song. The fun part is when the two groups merch and the song doesn't fit the rhythm at first, meaning both teams must adapt to find common ground. This group activity complements the Boomwackers.

Beunite facilitator modeling the chopsticks relay at Amari Bangkok hotel.

Chopsticks relay is a fun and competitive group activity to encourage team collaboration and winning.

Participants stand in a tight circle about to sit down on each other's knees.

Circle of excellence is a cool down group activity best scheduled at the end of a half-day or full-day program.

Participants in action during the Chinese Whisper group activity.

We all know Chinese whispers from when we were children, yet this activity that all kids love to play, is in fact a fantastic metaphor for corporate silos. It explains why communication across departments and hierarchy often does not work as well as we like it to.

Plush animals represent board pieces for the giant board game quiz in Bangkok.

In giant board game, participants are split into groups and each group can choose a plush animal representing their board piece. Giant board game is a perfect party activity or can be played for fun to recap an internal training day.

Delegates from Bing Group during a flower garland making session at Avani Bangkok Hotel.

Explore the art of Thai flower making with this fun and meaningful group activity. As part of a Bangkok Amazing race, or as a standalone activity, flower garland making never ceases to amaze participants.

Small group trying to lower the floating PVC stick.

Do you intend to improve dexterity, synchronization and collaboration with a fun and meaningful group activity? Then look no further and find out more about Helium Stick.

Team building group holding hands and trying to untangle the human knot.

Human Knots is an ice-breaker team building activity to encourage problem-solving skills and creativity.

A young lady fully trusts their supporters during the Human Snake Group activity.

Human snake is collaborative cool down group activity to encourage physical contact and team bonding. It can also be a great party activity.

Fantastic view at Amari Bangkok terrace with a group racing across the lawn on plastic sheets

Lawn rafting is a fun indoor or outdoor group activity in which your team must cross from one point to the lawn (or meeting room) to the other, without stepping off the raft.

Beunite team building facilitator asks participants to stand in a straight line.

In this fast-paced ice-breaker team building group activity, participants must stand in a straight line according to a specific characteristics.

Facilitator measures the structure made from future board that a group has build as part of their team building challenge.

In magic pyramid, your team will have to make the tallest construction with using only future board. Unleashing creativity and problem solving skills, your group will have a blast with this.

Participants of a group activity in Bangkok are rising hands into the air.

My favorite is an ice breaker activity ideally played before a large meeting, conference or training session. Participants express their personality by selecting one preference over another.

Player in action with beach ball at Bangkok Lumpini Park.

Moon ball is a simple, yet slightly physical ice breaker activity that still packs a powerful punch today.

Participants exchanging ideas and doing small talk during the Passion Tic Tac Toe activity.

The goal of this group game is to help participants to get to know each other at the beginning of an event or to help identify their values during the later part of a training session.

A newspaper sheet is being rolled into a pole in order to build a tower.

By only using paper and tape, participants must build the highest tower possible in the given time. This requires good group coordination, teamwork and problem solving skills.

The picture is showing feet pulling a rope to make the perfect pentagon.

In silent pentagon, your group must create the perfect pentagon, with all sides the same length, with one and a single rope, and this all without talking. This is more difficult than you would think.

Six dots that need to be connected in one go.

The connecting the dots (or six dot puzzle) is a classic outside-the-box thinking game for corporate groups. It's the perfect mix of thinking and physical activity.

A team building player from Bangkok is shown to place a ring over a cone.

In this physically engaging group activity, players must place rings over a cone all by assessing risk and reward. The blindfold version is the elixir of a team building game.

Split or steal derives from a famous TV show and is turned into a team building game.

Do you know the prisoner's dilemma? You can only win if the other party wins as well. Bangkok Group Activities have come up with the fun and engaging version to play in groups. And any attempt to cheat the others will be revenched immediately.

Three competitive players stay behind a table and stacking cups on top of each other each trying to win the game.

Stack attack is the ideal group activity for party nights and celebrations. Players must stack the cups into a pyramid, then disassemble the cups again with one hand. Bet your guys will have a blast with this.

Two ladies wearing a yellow sumo uniform each trying to push the other out of the ring.

Who has never (secretly) dreamt of pushing their boss off the mat? In Sumo Wrestling, you have a chance to prove yourself. Is it men v.s. men, or ladies v.s. ladies, this group activity still packs a powerful punch today.

Two meeting delegates tossing a tennis ball to each other and asking questions.

Team dynamics is a powerful ice-breaker group activity in which players must toss and catch a ball all while asking questions to each other. A great first assessment of how your team performs.

Muay Thai instructor taking a punch from an untrained fighter.

Muay Thai Boxing can be one of many challenges in the Bangkok Amazing Race, or a standalone activity for corporate groups visiting Bangkok.

Participants standing in a circle with two ladies in the middle asking questions.

Zip Zap Zoom is the perfect get-to-know-each-other activity, for corporate groups from different parts of the world and who do not know each other yet.

During an ice breaker team building game, a man with a ball between his knee, trying to pass the ball to a lady without touching the ball by hand.

Another ice-breaker group activity that your group will have a blast with. Participants stand in a circle holding hands and must pass a beach ball and a hoop in opposite direction.

The CEO of the company in action during the Tower of Hanoi group activity.

Tower of Hanoi is an all time classic team building activity encouraging planning, problem solving, communication and execution. It's also a superb outdoor activity.

Participants in two lines holding pipes together in order for the tennis ball to roll from A to B.

In transporters, the group must bring a series of balls from one point to the other by using PVC pipes or bamboo poles. Expect failure before your team recovers and solves this conundrum.

Participant from a group activity in Bangkok showing a sign in Chinese language.

In this marvelous get-to-know-each-other activity, each participants must come up with two characteristics that are true and one that is wrong.

A lady fully trusts her colleagues to catch her during the fall in this ice breaker group activity.

Trust fall is the ideal metaphor for a trust-building workshop, or as a stand-alone ice breaker activity before a meeting, conference or exhibition.

The winner of the game surprisingly looks at the bottles after taking her blindfold off.

In weigh order, participants must arrange bottles or containers according to their weight all while wearing a blindfold.