Change That Tune

Are you looking for a fun and meaningful change management activity for corporate groups? Have you organized a change management workshop with an external consultant or trainer? Then beside the practical theory of culture change, fun activities are important to keep your team engaged.

In Change that tune, each group must practice the rhythm the lyrics of a famous song, or come up with their own. Rhythm and lyrics must be practiced separately, the lyrics by singing and the rhythm by clapping or using drums or boomwackers.

Each team must present their musical piece first, under the careful observation of the other teams. Once we start mixing two teams together, it becomes interesting, because one team does the rhythm and the other the lyrics. The two teams must adapt to changing circumstances, improvise and be creative to deliver their musical performance.

The nature of change is discussed in the debriefing and what can be done in the real world to adapt to it. Failure to adapt is also a topic in the debriefing.

This activity can also be done on stage as part of the dinner, or after training program.


30 to 60 min.

Ideal group size
5 teams of 6 participants = 30 people.

This indoor group activity is available year-round.

Target participant
Perfect fun indoor activity for change managements or culture change workshops.

Physical requirements

This change management activity represents a metaphor for change in regards to changing your habits, adapting to changing circumstances, stepping outside your comfort zone and improvising.