Escape Game

Have you ever been to an escape room, that is set up like a 19th century mansion? You have to solve a cryptic puzzle, work together as a team, be resourceful and an ace in problem solving? If you have, that's what this game all about.

With a stark difference.

Instead of you are traveling to our place (we have no physical place), we come to your place. We will set up your office, your meeting room, or apartment, your villa, or even your hotel suite to be the escape room.

We will bring all equipment, the chess boards, the pipes, the cuckoo's clock the treasure chests, and the locks.

And the riddles of course, they are all rhymes and you must be witty and shrewd to figure them out. And don't worry about failure. Should you your team not succeed, during the debriefing, you we will talk what it means to fail and how this failure can make your team stronger and more successful in the future.


60 to 90 minutes.

Ideal group size
10 to 50 people.

This indoor group activity is available year-round.

Target participant
Perfect for corporate groups, meeting groups or team building groups. And this group activities complements a problem solving or teamwork skills training program.

Physical requirements

Awards are included for the teams who solve the riddle.