Chinese Whisper

We all know Chinese whisper from our kindergarten time, from where we were kids and played silly games. Chinese whisper however, is neither silly nor childish, but an excellent activity to learn communication skills.

This group activity serves as a metaphor for how rumors spread, how important messages from management don't arrive at the factory floor, or how they may be changed into something completely different.


5 to 20 minutes.

Ideal group size
10 to 150 participants.

This indoor group activity is available year-round.

Target participant
Chinese whisper is a great ice-breaker to recap important points from a meeting, conference or training day. This group activity is also a metaphor for rumors, silo politics and why important pieces of communication often get changed, by the time they arrive at the factory floor. For staff from multinational organizations.

Physical requirements
Minimal, however close personal space to other participants is required.