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Are you looking for an ice-breaker group activity in Bangkok, to accompany your meeting, seminar, training workshop or team building event?

This activity is perfect of getting your group together, getting them familiarized with each other and participants learn a bit more about their colleagues and co-workers. It starts like this:

Participants stand up and walk around in the meeting room. The MC or facilitator announces a topic, for example "Food", and participants must form small groups, with other co-workers who like the same kind of food, for example "Pizza".

The facilitator then walks from group to group and interviews a few of the participants, why they have chosen this or that particular type of food and they have the opportunity to share a short story. There is no limit in the type of questions to be asked, and how many, however, for meeting groups this group activity is typically kept short and sweet.

In case this activity is played during gala dinner, as part of a theme night or party, then the MC can spin the questions so they are fun, a bit silly (depending on the audience), and make everybody burst out with laughter and excitement.


10 to 30 minutes.

Ideal group size
Any group size the larger the better.

Preferably played indoors and available year round.

Target participant
Corporate groups, meeting groups, team building groups and MICE groups.

Physical requirements